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Educational Philosophy

I believe that the most important purpose of education is to first teach good character. I believe that this is done by first being an example to my students. Second that is taught through classroom expectations. I firmly believe that a student who has graduated but has not learned that it is unacceptable to cheat, lie, and treat others poorly has not been properly educated. Without learning good Character traits students are not truly ready to become adults. 

         I believe that it is of vital importance that I develop relationships with my students. I believe the statement “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” to be absolutely true. Without positive relationships I doubt that my students would be motivated to try or care in class. I feel it is vital to be acquainted with my students and to show that I care about them and their future.

I believe that the classroom should teach life skills. I think that students should be taught to regularly attend school, to be on time, to work hard, and to show respect for themselves and others. If students do not learn these skills, I believe they will find life outside of High School to be very difficult for them. 

         I have a desire to see my students have the ability to go to college and succeed at that level if that is what they want to do.  In my experience college focuses on three aspects. The student’s ability to write, think, and read. Therefore, I believe in teaching writing, thinking, and reading, at least at a basic level.

I believe in learning projects. Some of the most informative, memorable, and beneficial things I have ever done in school came in the form of projects. For example, I remain indebted to the teacher that had me interview my great grandfather about his life, he has since passed away. The interview transcript that was at the time a hassle has now become one of my great treasures. I believe that my projects need to have a purpose and necessitate meaningful learning.

As a social studies teacher I am a firm believer that students need to understand the purpose for, and function of their government. I plan to help my students learn how their government works and the rights it affords them. I am a firm believer that in order to have a well-functioning Republic we need a well-educated citizenry. I plan to accomplish this in my class.

         I am a firm believer in letting students redo things as many times as it takes for them to succeed. In life when I fail, I try again, I hope to teach my students that as well. Furthermore, I do not want to teach them that once they fail at something, they should give up on it. In addition, I am not as concerned with them doing everything right the first time as I am concerned with them learning to do it right. I believe in getting up and trying again when failure occurs.



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